Thinking Beyond In-Store

Sep 25, 2018

Thinking Beyond In-Store

The boundaries of retail are shifting and the traditional parameters no longer apply. In-store now presents the dichotomy of both the physical presence in-store and virtual escapism of online at the same time. No longer are brands bound by the physical square meters in-store, today brands are able to take customers on a
virtual,immersive journey, providing them with a completely engaging experience while never leaving the store.

Although we have written much about augmented and virtual reality, the concepts that once sounded rather futuristic are becoming more mainstream as brands and retailers move swiftly to retain their competitive advantage.

The pace of adoption is only set to accelerate.

According to a recent consumer trend report shared by our EFMP French partners, they note that point of sale and in-store promotions are more effective than advertising, forcing brands to invest in technology that engages and entertains customers, thereby establishing themselves as destinations in-store.

Customer Choices

Consumers’ needs remain focused around convenience and product availability, however, increasingly, consumers are becoming more concerned about making educated choices, choosing products that are good for them and their environment. Technology enables this story telling in ways that traditional advertising has only ever been able to hint at.

The thought of thinking beyond in-store may seem daunting and an expensive and difficult challenge to fulfil.

There are ways to start small.

Decide what you think will engage your customers, what do they want to know that will excite them and resonate with their values?

Now think, how can in-store best deliver this?

Could it be something as simple as QR codes on posters or interactive digital displays or does your budget stretch to VR headsets?

Whatever your budget, there will be a solution that helps you to broaden the traditional boundaries of retail.

At FMI we work in partnership with our clients, our job is to think of innovative solutions that match your budget but that still give you a competitive advantage.

So, if you are stuck for ideas, give our team a call. Speak with Account Director Fiona Sharkey for expert advice and insights – 01 496 3399.