Case Study : Mystery Shopping

Jun 18, 2018

Making a Case for Mystery Shopping

It’s human nature to want to read reviews, consult and assess how others have performed before deciding to implement a campaign like mystery shopping. We understand that each business is individual and that is why our campaigns are tailored to deliver the insights you need to grow your business. The decision really is whether you feel it is worth the investment? We have been fortunate to deliver mystery shopping campaigns for some of the leading retailers in Ireland. Have a read of the results they have achieved as a result of our campaign and decide for yourself.

Topaz – the forecourt retailers

Formally Topaz, they have recently re-branded to Circle k, have been working with FMI since January 2016.  The Circle K motto is “lets make it easy”, they focus on delivering fast, friendly service, offering high quality products on the go. Spread, as they are, throughout Ireland, monitoring the level of customer service to ensure it stays at a high standard can be a logistical nightmare. The FMI mystery shopping service was able to set up  a system whereby agreed criteria were to be measured, and they then deployed shoppers   who provided detailed feedback nationwide within 48hours, based on the given criteria. The in-depth reporting gave head office immediate visibility on the stores that were struggling to deliver the required level of service and also on those stores that were excelling. During the first year there was a 12% increase on average site score in Q4 versus Q1.


The largest chain of DIY retail superstores in Ireland, has been working with FMI since January 2016. Mystery shoppers visit the 35 national locations on a monthly basis and report on everything from the first impression from entering the store to the experience at the tills. The team conduct 420 visits per annum. Results of the assessments are systematically reported back to the client, which then informs a focused approach to further training for the stores. Woodies has seen a 4% increase on the average store score in Q4 versus those in Q1 of the first year.

But, mystery shopping is more than just face to face undercover shopping, it can be done across multiple channels giving our clients full line of sight of their customer touch points. One such example is the campaign for American styled diner franchise, Eddie Rockets. Not only do our mystery shoppers visit the 48 diners on a monthly basis, they also assess the diner on their home delivery service. The brand has seen a 17% increase on average score since inception in 2016.

While mystery shopping is usually about improving your customer experience by bench- marking your customer service representatives against the highest industry standards, it can also be used to test your staff to ensure that they are implementing a specific recommended procedure. One such example is the work done with Tesco’s for the “Think 25” campaign. Tesco’s is the leading partner of Drinkaware, and they work to highlight alcohol awareness and responsible drinking guidance. Their staff need to request a valid identification for anyone looking to buy alcohol who looks under the age of 25 . This campaign had 940 in-store visits by mystery shoppers, and 180 online, to ensure that the required procedure was being carried out. There was a 4% increase of average score in 2017 compared to 2016.

The real value from our mystery shopping campaigns comes from the detailed insights and timeliness  of our reporting which has helped improve the customer service for our clients across their nationwide locations.

At FMI we have built our business and reputation on delivering results for clients, time and again. Our mystery shopping campaigns are no exception. If what you have read has piqued your interest, get in touch so that we can discuss how we can tailor a solution to suit your business.

For any queries regarding Mystery Shopping please drop an email to Account Director Grainne at ‘’. We look forward to working with you!