The Secret of a Good Mystery Shopping Campaign

Aug 13, 2018

The Secret of a Good Mystery Shopping Campaign

The objective of a mystery shopping campaign is to get an unbiased yet structured analysis of various customer service metrics across your business, and to use the results to feedback into the company, to highlight areas that require improvement.

While there are a variety of factors that influence a good mystery shopping strategy the secret to making a mystery shopping campaign outstanding relies on three factors.


The campaign needs a variety of different shoppers. No two days in retail are the same and you only have to read an Amazon review to realise that people have different perceptions on things. Having a variety of shoppers allows you to rotate them between stores, ideally, so that they only go back to the same store every three months. This spacing enables the campaign results to be reflective of the high and lows, the good and bad and you get feedback from the easy going and/or the highly discernible shopper.


The detail of the reporting. The more thorough the feedback the more information businesses have to guide their business practice and to prioritize their improvements. Giving feedback is easy. Giving detailed quality feedback requires work. Trained mystery shoppers know what to look for. As staff performance is often a key metric,having a trained eye with a penchant for memorising things, helps ensure that their reports have rifle like accuracy. This allows the businesses to implement the improvements on a very granular level.


The two aforementioned factors are among the reasons why brands choose to outsource mystery shopping to expert agencies like FMI. Independent agencies are best placed to organize mystery shopping campaigns, as they are not only able to advise on the best possible strategy, they are skilled at managing the project according to a strict timeline and budget, and they are good at coordinating the logistics. They also have databases of expert mystery shoppers who are highly trained and experienced in delivering quality feedback which ultimately drives results.

FMI run a multitude of mystery shopping campaigns for a huge variety of clients across a broad sector of industries. We are able to conduct the research online, over the phone or in person. Our teams thrive on providing valuable information that helps improve the quality of customer service being delivered. If you are considering running a mystery shopping campaign, get in touch with our team today to see how we could help you. Contact