What a way to start your week.  We were honoured this morning to have the pleasure of Peter Casey from Dragon’s Den attend our weekly sales meeting as a motivational speaker.

What a speaker!  Peter spoke from the heart and from experience about his rise to fame to and fortune and all the ups and downs along the way.  A strong connection was felt with all our Sales Agents who had plenty of questions for him as budding entrepreneurs.

Having established successful business interests in Australia and Ireland, Peter Casey set up Claddagh Resources in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995, where he is now based.

Claddagh currently operates from five locations worldwide including their European base outside Buncrana in Donegal. Their clients include well-known names such as Tata Consulting Services, Ernst & Young, Oracle, AVG Software and SAP.

Peter lives in Atlanta with his wife Helen and their five children and divides his time between there and his family home in Derry. He travels extensively, working with a portfolio of blue chip clients worldwide.  He is currently in Dublin to give a lecture in DCU and do book signing on his new book “The Tata Story” – definitely on our Christmas wish list at FMI.

He is also an accomplished writer, political and business commentator, with articles published in the Sunday Independent and Sunday Business Post among others and he is a super motivational speaker.  He spoke for over thirty minutes this morning and connected with us on many levels – a famous quote from Albert Einstein that we completely concur with at FMI is the definition of insanity:

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”