FMI partners with TU Dublin offering Degree level education to all employees.

Managing Director, Nicola de Beer announced today a new Training and Development programme supporting employees to acquire a Degree level qualification accredited by TU Dublin.

I am proud to announce this new programme for our employees. This is a first for Irish businesses, essentially we are making education available to everyone in our company. Our goal is to have an expert team of people who are resilient, confident, challenged, empowered and rewarded

– Nicola de Beer

FMI acquired well known Training company “Clifford” during 2018 and set to work to build modules that support all professional levels, from Account Executive to Account Director.

Clifford Training is headed up by Justin Henshaw and Raquel Hanly. Responsible for Recruitment & Selection, Inducation & OnBoarding, Management & Continuous Professional Development and Leadership and Talent training. Available in workshop style but also elearning modules given the demands of the fast paced business.

We are extremely excited with the first group of FMI employees to graduate from year one and look forward to attending their Graduation Ceremony in March of this year – Cap and Gowns, it will be a very proud day for FMI!

– Justin Henshaw